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Saturday, August 4

7:15am EDT

8:00am EDT

Women and Theater Program Membership Meeting #1 Regency D, Ballroom Level Black Theatre Network Alliance Meeting President's Suite 'ElderSpeak,' 'The Odyssey,' and How Sociodrama and Theatre Combine to Combat Ageism and Foster Improved Health Care Yellowstone, Second Floor 'My Own Best Friend': The Director/Choreographer as the Ultimate Collaborator Grand Teton, Second Floor American Theatre and Drama Society (ATDS) Past Presidents Talk about Past Accomplishments and Future Goals Congressional B, Lobby Level Metaphors and Discourses of Acting: Creating Room for More Voices at the Civic Table Thornton A, Eleventh Floor Production Assessment as a Means to Advocate for Economic Support of Theatre in Higher Education Regency B, Ballroom Level This is What Democracy Looks Like: Neoliberalism and Performance on the Global Stage Concord, Ballroom Level Why Religion? Why Now? New Directions, Approaches, and Vocabulary for Religion and Theatre Thornton C, Eleventh Floor Michael Rohd and Sojourn Theatre's Town Hall Nation Capitol A, Lobby Level 'The Play's the Thing: Staging Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Theatre of Life Lexington, Ballroom Level Memorializing Dissent Bryce, Second Floor Scripting Latina/o Communities: Fornes' Hispanic Playwrights Laboratory Congressional C, Lobby Level The Actor as Activist in Irish Performance, 1950-Present Everglades, Second Floor The Director as Advocate: Alternative Approaches to Civic Engagement in Production Thornton B, Eleventh Floor Performing LBGTQ Advocacy Regency C, Ballroom Level Rehearsal #4 for Staged Reading of The Force of Habit Thornton Lounge, Eleventh Floor, Eleventh Floor David Mark Cohen Rehearsal Regency A, Ballroom Level East meets West: Drawing from Both Worlds in Actor Movement Training Yosemite, Second Floor Ground, Breath, Speak Congressional A, Lobby Level Moving, Practicing, and Reflecting on Civic Engagement Capitol B, Lobby Level

9:45am EDT

11:30am EDT

Association for Asian Performance (AAP) Focus Group Membership Meeting Bryce, Second Floor Association for Theatre Movement Educators (ATME) Focus Group Membership Meeting #1 Yosemite, Second Floor Dramaturgy (DR) Focus Group Membership Meeting Everglades, Second Floor Latina/o (LFG) Focus Group Membership Meeting Thornton B, Eleventh Floor Music Theatre/Dance (MT/D) Focus Group Membership Meeting Yellowstone, Second Floor Theatre and Social Change (TASC) Focus Group Membership Meeting Grand Teton, Second Floor Theory and Criticism (TC) Focus Group Membership Meeting Lexington, Ballroom Level Two-Year College Program (TYCP) Focus Group Membership Meeting Glacier, Second Floor Acting and Directing Programs of Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF) Congressional C, Lobby Level Fulbrights in Theatre--Engaged Reciprocity: How the Fulbright Experience Goes Far Beyond the In-Country Experience Capitol A, Lobby Level New Governing Council Members Orientation President's Suite Pioneering a New Civic Engagement: Women Solo Performers in American Theatre and Popular Entertainment Concord, Ballroom Level The Democratization of the American Actor Regency B, Ballroom Level Appropriation as Advocacy: Strategic Borrowing in the American Avant-Garde, 1960-present Congressional A, Lobby Level Artistry, Pedagogy and History, OH MY!: Graduate Students Advocate For Praxis of Understanding Regency D, Ballroom Level Foundational Documents and Constitutional Enactments: Citizenship, Due Process, and Equal Protection: Performance Studies Focus Group (PSFG) Thornton A, Eleventh Floor Historical and Collective (Counter) Memory in African-American Performances Across Media Thornton A, Eleventh Floor Performance Geographies: Theoretical/Theatrical Approaches To 'Real' Communities Thornton Lounge, Eleventh Floor Feminist Activism and Social Revolutions through Comedy and Laughter Thornton C, Eleventh Floor Advocacy (ADV) Committee Meeting Sequoia, Second Floor New Play Development Workshop: Rehearsal Part II Regency A, Ballroom Level Foundational Documents Performance Rehearsal #4 Regency C, Ballroom Level

1:00pm EDT

1:45pm EDT

Membership and Marketing (MM) Committee Meeting Grand Teton, Second Floor Graduate Student Subcommittee (GSSC) Membership Meeting Glacier, Second Floor Canada's Shaw Festival, the Korean National University of the Arts, the University of Nevada, LasVegas Playwright's Seminar and What do the National Partner's Have to do with all this . . . Engagement all aroun... Capitol A, Lobby Level Fresh Print: Notable Books Yellowstone, Second Floor New Histories in Old Archives: A Roundtable on 19th Century American Theatre Bryce, Second Floor Religion and Theatre in the Classroom and in Publication: Establishing the Field and Envisioning the Future Congressional B, Lobby Level Teaching the Design Process in the Liberal Arts Setting: Reaching both Performance and Design Students Concord, Ballroom Level Civic Outlaws in the Modernist Avant-Garde: Figuring [Out] Queerness Ahead of its Time Lexington, Ballroom Level Dramaturgy (DR) Focus Group Debut Panel Thornton C, Eleventh Floor Legal Enactments Yosemite, Second Floor Reshaping the Body Everglades, Second Floor Say What? Explorations in Culture and Language on Stage Congressional C, Lobby Level Staging Women's Civic Engagement: Performing Protest in Classic Plays Capitol B, Lobby Level Theatre in the Digital Humanities: Public Scholarship as Civic Engagement Thornton B, Eleventh Floor Advocating, Collaborating, and Educating in the Digital Age Thornton A, Eleventh Floor Is Voice Training For Actors a Civic Responsibility? Regency D, Ballroom Level Telling Stories: Artistry as Advocacy Thornton Lounge, Eleventh Floor Theatre and Social Change Practitioners Workskhop Regency B, Ballroom Level Staged Reading of David Mark Cohen Award Winning Play Regency A, Ballroom Level Paid Workshop #4 - DNA Works Congressional A, Lobby Level

3:30pm EDT

Singing, Dancing Telling Your Story Congressional B, Lobby Level Playing Shakespeare's Consonants: An Experiential Journey Regency D, Ballroom Level Criticism as Activism Roundtable Series: Crafting Cultural Dialogues Lexington, Ballroom Level Foundational Documents Session: Feminist Foundations: A Discussion of Foundational Documents and the Rights of Women Concord, Ballroom Level Going Digital Native: A Roundtable on Using Electronic Research in the Theatre Classroom Yellowstone, Second Floor Publishing Your First Article: Conversations with Editors Bryce, Second Floor Teaching Leadership and Civic Engagement through Theatre Practice: Theatre Skills as Essential Life Skills Yosemite, Second Floor The Academic as Professional Director: How to Find and Land that Elusive Professional Gig Congressional C, Lobby Level Curtains Up 2 (Debut Panel; Session 2 of 2; Joint with LFG and BTA) Everglades, Second Floor Directing, Kung Fu, and Emerging Museum Theatre Regency B, Ballroom Level Luis Valdez and El Teatro Campesino: A Legacy of Taking Theatre to the People Regency C, Ballroom Level Making Multidisciplinary Theatre Capitol B, Lobby Level Outlaw Civics, Out Engagements Past Positive: Performing and Remembering AIDS after Crisis Thornton C, Eleventh Floor Performative Politics, Passivity, and the Rise of Foodie Culture Thornton A, Eleventh Floor Performing Arbitration: Arbitrating Performance: Ascertaining Truth through Civic and Performance Practice Thornton B, Eleventh Floor Refiguring American Mythologies Grand Teton, Second Floor The Rite of the Butcher: New Directions in Musical Theatre Thornton Lounge, Eleventh Floor, Eleventh Floor Simultaneity in Training: The Michael Chekhov Technique Explored in Collaboration within and across Disparate Disciplines Capitol A, Lobby Level

5:00pm EDT

8:30pm EDT

9:00pm EDT


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