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Sarah Bay-Cheng

University at Buffalo
Command Performances: Digital Historiography and Theatre
Cabaret and cinema as mass culture instruments for Embodying fascism in Franco Regime The following paper wants to show the embodyment values of spanish fascism , the social stratification and the status accorded to women in the years of the regime of General Franco through the choreographic work of Marina Lie Goubanina . Her collaborations in Cabaret and films by Iquino show the work of ideological propaganda while highlighting the artistic genres used by the dicatatorship: the popular mass culture . ( Agustí 2013: 57-60 ) . The Cabaret show " Scala Berlin " directed by the German entrepreneur Eduard Duisberg and Iquino films are evidence of ideological manipulation work , choreographed by a strong and controversial woman serving the fascist cause. Marina Lie Goubanina –the misterious spy- has been a silenced figure in the spanish history of dance, but was one of the most outstanding ballet teachers in Catalonia during the Franco regime.