ATHE 2012 has ended
Welcome to ATHE 2012!

Jorge Huerta

University of California, San Diego
Professor Emeritus
Glendale, California
I am known as "The Melodramatic Mexican" by my students and friends, so that's one of my passions: my Mexican/Chicana/o heritage. I am also passionate about the promotion of US Latina/o and Latin American theatre in the U.S. I earned my B.A and M.A. in Drama at Cal State L.A. in 1966-67 and started teaching high school drama in 1966 LONG BEFORE "GLEE" hit the little screens. I went on to earn my Ph.D. in Dramatic Art at UC Santa Barbara in 1974 and have been teaching, directing, lecturing and writing abut Chicana/o and Latina/o theatre ever since. I retired from UCSD in 2009 and am keeping busy with our twin grand children, a boy and a girl, now 4 1/2 years old. I am also writing, directing readings and lecturing. I am also passionate about ATHE and the Latino Focus Group how our annual meetings continue to inspire me to continue fighting the good fight.