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Dorothy Chansky

Texas Tech University
Archive to Art/Body to Blog to Book/Paper to Performance: Three Eleanors as Theatrical Translation Across Media
According to Agamben, to ostracize someone is the first political act. Criterias that conform the individual to the standarts of society are determined by the political power thus these change due to the unsteady structure of the politics. Therefore shifting among the social stratum may occur both gradually and unexpectedly. Play en titled “İz” ( Trace) brought on the stage by Galata Perform and being performed currently in this season of 2013-2014 , discusses the political and social changes in Istanbul for the last sixty years ,focusing on three historical parts. “İz” (Trace) brought Ahmet Sami Özbudak the nomination of” the best young plyawright”. He gets people who lived in three different era together at the same time and place. Hence Özbudak brings together three different historical layers and asks: “what are the dinamics which makes someone a doer or a victim?” In the same setting; two women sidelined due to their ethnicity and religion during 6-7th September annals –vandalism against Turkish Greek Orthodox Community-, a man socially outcast after 80’s coup because of his leftist political choice and a Kurdish young man marginalized on account of his transexual identity, are brought together and presented as the witnesses of the history of Turkey. Aim of my paper is a kind of going on a razzle through other experimental theatres that bring these social outcasters and cases hushed up on the stage in İstanbul, starting from Galata Perform’s “İz” (Trace) and analyse how much these reflect the political properties of Hans-Thies Lehmann’s post-dramatic theatre.